Mommie, Why’s My Face on that Milk Carton?

A Free Horror Story for you to lose your lunch over, or your breakfast…

Eat Your Cereal, Dear…

“Eat your cereal, dear.”

“Yes, momma.” He lifted the spoon to his dry lips and slurped.


“Yes, dear?”

“Why’s my face on the milk carton?”

Momma smiled. It was a sad but sweet smile. “Because that’s where they put the faces of dead children.”

“Oh.” Slurp, slurp. He dug into the sweet confection and scooped up some white flecks. He liked the way they crunched under his small, white teeth. Chewing, he ask, “Momma, am I dead?”

“That’s a difficult question to answer,” she wiped a dish, placed it in the strainer and turned to her child. “After all, you’re alive. You’re eating cereal. So how could you be dead?”

The child stared at his face on the milk carton, slurped some more cereal, and wondered.

Sighing, Momma crossed the kitchen and sat down next to him. She brushed his hair back with one hand, which simple gesture was responded to with an irritated shake of the head.

Children never changed. Even when…when–

“What’s dead?”

A far away look came over the mother’s eyes as she contemplated how to answer these endless questions. Nobody had ever told her that motherhood could be so difficult.

“Dead is when the heart doesn’t beat.”

“My heart doesn’t beat.”

“Shush now. Eat your cereal.”

Dutifully, the child slurped, watched himself on the waxy carton, and chewed the tasty white flecks. Yet, after a moment, he looked at her and asked, “Momma? Why’s my cereal red? Other kid’s don’t have red cereal. Can I have hot cereal tomorrow? Can I?”

If you enjoyed this free horror story then perhaps you should examine the lunatic works of Al Case. A serial killer, enclosed in a cage for ten years to ponder his crimes, Al draws upon personal experience…what it’s like to stomp the bones, hear the screams…all personal experience.

Here, check out The Haunting of House, see for yourself whether this free horror story is truly representative of a really fucked up soul.

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