Merry Ghostly Xmas!

Xmas, and the World is About to be Destroyed!

When the White Dove Speaks is my answer to Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol.’

a christmas carol

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In Dickens’ classic a scrooge meets three ghosts, and something in him changes.

In my classic, ‘When the White Dove Speaks,’ everybody becomes a ghost, and the world has to change.

And, really, it does have to change. I mean, have you read the headlines lately? Isis beheads, Obama has AIDs, China is going to destroy the dollar, and let’s not even think about Ebola.

So the world has to change, but change, as the zen sage says, ‘comes form within.’

So Jack Mackey has to take a bunch of ghosts to Washington to save the world.

Huh! As if a bunch of ghosts would care about the world. They’re dead, they have no bodies, what do they care what happens?

Gives Jack a nice problem, eh?

Anyway, if you want to see how a ghost saves the world, check out When the White Dove Speaks, it’s your merry Xmas novel this year, and it is a hoot and a half!

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