Martial Arts Fantasy…The Truth!

Martial Arts Fantasy is pretty much hordes of dwarves swing axes, or Elves with bows and arrows, and serendipity to the point of the hero winning. Ain’t that silly? Well, fantasy is fantasy, but martial arts is a science, and when it comes to battles and armies and all that sort of thing, I prefer to go in a different direction.

For instance, in the three book series called ‘Wizard,’ I am careful in touching on martial arts. I make sure my techniques are hard core and work, but I tailor the scene to the martial arts, and not the martial arts to the scene. It’s got to be real if you want the reader to believe. And that is whether you’re martial artsing dwarves, elves, dragons, or whatever.

In one book of the Wizard series the human wizard has to learn martial arts, and there is nobody to teach him but a dwarf and an elf. Now, the fighting concepts are diametrically opposed. So we get into some wild and wollety what ifs wherein the poor human is a punching bag for first force, then flow, then force, then…and the two teachers take turns making their points on his poor flesh.

Yet…it is real, with a capital RRRR!

Reality, even in fantasy, is what makes for good writing.

Check out Wizard on the top menu on this page, and if you’re a martial artist, feel free to drop by Monster Martial Arts, pick up a free ebook, and find out if I’m for real.

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