The Hardest Punch in the World!

How to Increase Your Punching Power!

Formerly titled ‘The Punch,’ this book dissects the act of punching, uncovering a wealth of data.

The author has nearly fifty years in the martial arts, and in a variety of martial arts. He takes drills from various martial arts styles, makes them understandable by stripping away the mysticism, and then aligns all the exercises.

The result is that your punch will triple in power. Easily.

Specific drills include such gems as:

  • The Sand Punch
  • The Water Punch
  • The Empty Punch

and many more.

The thing is, unless you know all the drills, and do them in the right order, you will probably never achieve a real punch. No matter how long or hard you practice.

The Hardest Punch in the World is available at Amazon. Here’s the link:

The Hardest Punch in the World


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