Machina (part two)

Machina (part two)

(part three of a three part series)

machina fantasy coverMachina is a three volume horror/fantasy epic that will destroy every concept of reality you ever had.

Mankind has been toppled. No longer at the top of the food chain, he is hunted mercilessly.

There is, however, hope.

If the fragments of mankind can come together, if they can gather an army in San Francisco, there is hope.

The enemy, however, is not about to let that happen.

Where This Story Came From…

I’ve told you of my inspiration in the first two blurbs for this series, so let me tell you something else.

I believe it was Syd Field who described writing a good movie thusly: 

Chase the hero up a tree

throw sticks at him

figure out how to get him out of the tree

The problem with Machina, if you’ve been reading it, is that there is no way out of this tree!

You think.

Guaranteed, you’re about to experience the greatest plot manipulation in the history of man. If I can destroy mankind, and all of reality, then I can sure climb down out of a stupid tree. But you’ll never figure it out…until it happens.

Happy reading to you.

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