Machina (part one)

Machina (part one)

(part two of a three part series)

machina cover copy 3Machina is a three volume horror/fantasy epic that will destroy every concept of reality you ever had.

The concept of an Arab blowing up Los Angeles leads to the most massive earthquake imaginable, which leads to something unimaginable.

200,000 words describing ultimate horror, tragedy beyond repair, and the emergence of a new mankind.

In this book, the first 100,000 words, I describe the unraveling of mankind and all reality. This is as if Stephen King married Franz Kafka…and they had a child.

Really good stuff.

Where This Story Came From…


I have told, in the blurb for The Haunting of House, about Machina, how it came about, but this is just the tip of my inspiration.

When a writer writes he pours out his soul.

My soul was shaped by people like Forrest J Ackerman, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, by books like Dune, the Lensman Series, The Foundation Trilogy, Carl Barks, and all those cheap 35¢ sci-fi fi novels laying on my father’s night stand!

In Machina you will see, if you are quick of the eye and experienced in the arcane, a tip of the hat to movies and books rare and not so rare, but always amazing.

That’s where Machina came from: the people who shaped not just my life, but my imagination.

Find out more about Machina by clicking on this Createspace link…


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