The Haunting of House

Part one of Machina

Machina is a three volume horror/fantasy epic that will destroy every concept of reality you ever had.

haunted house cover

Amiable, yuppie lawyer Jimmie Cohen travels to upstate New York to see to the dispensation of a will. He is about to have the most bizarre encounter of his life, and it all comes down to one simple question: Can a house be ‘alive?’

This simple question, with its dire consequence, is about to turn Jimmy Cohen’s world upside down. ‘House,’ just like a big, faithful puppy dog, is going to follow Jimmy home.

Home, a dilapidated apartment house filled with the most bizarre tenants: an amazon who studies Kung Fu, A Korean whose plants grow into the walls, a sculptor  making an army of sculpts, and a crippled boy and his garbage can mother in the room at the end of the hall.

And gangsters and crooked lawyers and…and a murder plot complicated by ghosts.

And on top of all this chaos, like a surfer in a  maelstrom, is the fellow who is making it all happen…Oscar Trevant.

A mage a mystic, a seer, a prophet, Oscar made House live, and he is about to make a man out of Jimmy.

Where this Bizarre Tale Came From…

I have written short stories, quite a few, but they usually end up relegated to the cobwebs of my computer.

I just can’t take the time to market properly. By the time I get the first of a thousand rejection slips I am on to the next project, and the next and the next.

It always amazes me how slow the writing game is; how slow the thought processes of publishers are.

Anyway, I wrote a short story. Started to put it aside, and suddenly had a thought. I stared at the paper it was written on, felt a niggling way back in the soul, and thought: ‘There’s more.’

So I made the short story chapter one, and set out to find what it was I had left undone.

A few hundred pages later I came up for air. I had completed ‘The Haunting of House.’

I started to relegate that work to the dust bins of computerland, and, suddenly, I had a thought: ‘This isn’t done.’

What followed was months of twelve hour days, locked in a room, only coming out to eat, and that fast.

In writing the Machine series I began crying. I had heard of this phenomena, it was apparently pretty well known in a writing circle in New York: if a writer is crying, don’t bother him (her).

So I cried, couldn’t stop, sobbed my heart out, couldn’t even see the F-in’ keys for the tears splattering on them, and when I was done I knew I had written the almighty classic. It could be compared to Frankenstein, or The Call of Cthulhu, I am Legend, Dorian Gray, The Stand…The Stand.

The Stand, by Stephen King is, in my opinion, the greatest horror story ever written. Interestingly, as I was writing Machina I kept thinking of The Stand, thinking: ‘I want it to be that good!’

So, that’s the story behind the opus that wrenched my F-in’ heart to pieces.

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