Machina May Be the Best Horror Novel Ever Written

Massive Horror Novel Breaks the Mold

This is the Best Horror Novel ever Written!

That an atomic bomb will eventually be detonated on American soil is a no brainer. We have Russian nukes unaccounted for, Arab countries involved in nuclear arms research, China certainly wouldn’t be opposed to American going down.

best horror novel ever written

When mankind is transformed…what will you turn into?

BUT…the idea that a bomb might cause an earthquake…you know…that’s a no brainer, too! In fact, the United States government started saying such a thing couldn’t happen several decades ago. Which means that they just don’t want to be blamed when it happens.

So there will be an earthquake, a ‘Big One,’ and it is likely that California will find itself a wee bit changed.

BUT…the idea that the massive death total could cause a change in the way mankind views itself….that is something new.

So many deaths, coupled with the massive use of drugs in our society, that a fundamental shift in reality could occur is entirely logical, and the most frightening thing that could ever happen.

But I don’t expect you to believe me. Just read Machina and do a little thinking for yourself.

If you’re not too drugged up.

Or dead.

That’s Machina, over a thousand pages of spit in your face, poke in your eye horror. Pure, unbrided, blood curdling horror. That that, in analogy, is already happening on this planet.


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