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Romance Horror Werewolf Saga

werewolf romanceCome on, give that big, furry, snarling, drooling werewolf a kiss! You know you want to!

Sarah Brightsman is a teacher on sabbatical in Alaska. She is gathering plants, taking pictures, having the time of her life, when she happens across a naked man chained to a tree.

At first, the man tries to bite her.

He is, you see, a werewolf. Or so he claims.

Sarah, being thoroughly educated, knows there are no such things as werewolves. So she releases the man.

Now they are on the run. 

The police are after them, a very insane lady and her (ostensibly furry) maniacs are after them, even the Indians are after them!

Sarah sits in the car and watches the man drive them deeper and deeper into despair.

Is he a werewolf? Or just a psychotic?

Either way, the answer isn’t going to make her happy.



Where This Book Came From…

I always wanted to write a romance novel.

They were supposed to be easy to write, quick sells, and impossible for a man to write.

Heck, slap me in the face!

So I tried, and I failed. I found my roots taking over, the demon muse robbed me of sleep, tore me from my family, obsessed my mind so I couldn’t even think. Drove me in the direction of my soul, and not towards the ogre of financial success.

So…it’s not a romance novel. Even though it has ALL the elements.

Heck, big, hairy, gnarly guys will love it…and it still even has all that drippy love stuff going on for it.

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