How to Kill and the Spread of Autism in the United States

How America is killing Itself

I picked ‘How to Kill’ as a title with some trepidation.

After all, who would I be appealing to?

how to kill somebodyStill, the idea was good, the story was hard core, and I liked it.

Well, nobody ever called me a marketing genius.

The thing is, America is on drugs, recreational drugs, prescribed drugs, GMO, pesticides, and just about everything else.

Is it no wonder that autism is growing at an exponential rate? And that within a couple of generations, should we not take our drug addictions in had, America will be half moron?

So there is good cause for this book.

Do you know ANYBODY who isn’t drunk, drugged, and eats the GMO products shoved down our throat by corporate America?

The story behind Joe Landry in How to Kill is a vicious story of pain and drugs and the eventual outcome: the desire and increased ability to kill your fellow man.

Not going to happen?

Buddy, it has already happened.

Go on, check it out, ‘How to Kill,’ at Amazon.

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