Just Published…Pack…a Sci Fi Horror Novel

Pack is a Sci Fi Horror  Novel with Real Bite

The Sci Fi Horror Novel ‘Pack’ was inspired by a simple fact: the government experiments on the people of the United States.
When I came across that fact I was stunned.
But African-Americans with venereal disease have been isolated and left to die just so the government could study them.
Soldiers have been left to rot after experiencing Agent Orange.
The CIA distributed LSD on colleges.
And so on.
Man, is there a worse horror story than that?
It’s funny, when you think about it, horror stories as entertainment to get out of reality. But…not really funny when you think about the reality.
So I started thinking about what would happen if the experiments the government was doing backfired?
What would happen if the government actually created that which they most feared, an aware and intelligent people?
So, there was Pack.
Interestingly, I used my home town to spread the disease. I lived in Los Altos, and it was quite fun to rape and kill everybody, destroy the police department, and generally have a good time. Heh.
Well, what? You expected a sick novel to come from a well balanced doofus?
Not a chance.
So, have fun, and here’s the link if you want to check it out.

science fiction horror novel

Click on the cover!


And it comes in Kindle and paperback. Kindle if you’re cheap, and paperback if you’re a collector.


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This has been an announcement concerning a new sci fi horror novel.

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