Just Published…Fantasy with a BITE!

Path of the Snake Fantasy Novel Just Released!

I remember reading fantasy by Tolkien back when it first came out. So cool, a magic ring, a journey through strange worlds with incredible and magical people.

As time went on, however, I saw much of the same type of fantasy. Seeking a magic sword. Seeking an amulet. Journeys besieged by dark lords and evil wizards. It was exciting, not bad, but there was a sameness about it all.

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So I decided, when I wrote my book, that it was going to be different.

No magic rings and swords and things.

Instead, I was interested in accomplishments.

Hey, you have to journey somewhere, and there are certain fantastical realities you can’t get away from.

But what if you had to give a snake to his wings? Nobody had ever written about that! I mean, what is the process, the evolution, the DNA of a dragon? How does a dragon get to be a dragon? And, what kind of help does that dragon need?

And, of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

For instance, the hero must kill himself to become a wizard.

Well, natch.

And there has to be some sort of progression wherein the wizard gathers himself together to seek deeper and deeper meanings to life.

And, how about going into battle with somebody who has actually got the Gods shaking in their boots?

I tell you, this is different. There is a deeper world underneath what we see, and there is a deeper person under what we are, and the Path of the Snake is the start of the journey.

Two more books, Path of the Wizard, and then Path of the Dragon. They’re done, and they will be published within a month or so.

So you’d better get ahead of the game. This is going to be bigger than Tolkien.

Magic ring? HA! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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