Introducing the End of the World…

The Haunting of House a True Apocalyptic novel

The Haunting of House introduces the end of the world or, in other words, an apocalypse.

end of the world apocalypse

Meet the end fo the world…click on this cover!

Unusual that such a big, hefty book is nothing more than a prologue, but it is. Several hundred pages of horror, and it is the prequel to nearly a thousand page book detailing the end of the world. Indeed, Machina is so large it is published in two volumes.

Taken together, these two books (Haunting of House and Machina) are very comparable to the Stephen King classic ‘The Stand.’ Or perhaps to ‘Swan Swong.’

This bodes well for people who like to see the world end in bizarre ways, who love the journey to rescue mankind, who love to experience incredible new villains.

Of course, if you don’t want the world to end, then you’d better stay far away from The Haunting of House and Machina.

apocalyptic novel

It’s the end of the world…click on this cover!

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