How the Lensmen Series Impacted on Monkeyland

The Lensmen Series is the best series ever written. It happens to be sci fi, but it is far more reaching than just sci fi.

An alien race controls the universe, and the lowest slaves in the universe, the eathlings, are suddenly give a tool with which they can fight back.

Layer by layer they they work upwards through the slave masters, building new inventions, developing new mental abilities by using the tool.

Eventually, the final battle…

I liked this series so much I emulated it in Monkeyland. Slave masters control earth, and they are workign through our very politicians. Doesn’t that explain a lot? And one man stumbles across the truth. he goes crazy.

But then another man finds the truth…and the war is on.

Why do we have sickness and disease and tragedy and starvation and war and generally mean people? Why is earth a hell? What are the plans of our slave masters? Monkeyland lays it all bare, and the hidden history of earth, presented at the front of every chapter, will lay bare the true state of this planet and what has been done to it.

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