Funny Thing About Monkeyland…

action thriller novel

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I repubed Monkeyland, and I was reading the reviews, and I realized something.

I’ve got almost nothing but five star reviews, and from people who weren’t my sister or brother. But right in the middle of Goodreads I found a three star review. Grrr. Call me greedy, but I want all five star reviews.

But I realized something. When I gave away the book on the Goodreads program…I got lower reviews.

People on Amazon who bought the book, they gave it five stars.

People who didn’t buy the book didn’t always give me five star reviews.

I guess it’s a matter of getting something free instead of ‘earning’ it.

That said, I haven’t given up on giveaways, I’m just more circumspect about them. I mean the book is getting great reviews, so one three star review isn’t going to kill me, and, let’s face it, if you walk through a museum not everybody will like the same work of art…

Anyway, I’m pushing Monkeyland, so here’s the link…

Have a great read!

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