From Pak the Protector…to ‘Pack!’

Here is one of the inspirations for Pack

One of my favorite books was ‘Protector’ by David Niven.

It is based on a common theme in the science fiction world, the creation of a superior species to the betterment of mankind.

Niven is a phenomena writer, blending science fiction and fact seamlessly, so that the reader is swept into other realms without complaint.

pok the protector
This has become common fantasy for sci fi media these days. TV, in particular, is filled with people with strange powers.

I guess everybody feels weak, and wants to feel strong, which I believe to mean that nobody recognizes their true abilities and powers.

Anyway, in Pack, I explore this theme of a superior race made out of man.

It starts out ugly, an experimental drug administered in a covert psych program in a college.

The hero, Nick Stavros, undergoes strange changes, but soon realizes that the world is a brighter place, and he is a stronger, smarter figure.

He is also able to ‘sniff out’ higher quality humans and infect them. In essence, he is creating a new race that has been in us all the time, but hidden by the confusion of DNA that is within us.

Problem: the CIA doesn’t like new races, even ones they create themselves.

Problem: the things unlocked in the human DNA are also killing Nick and his friends.

Thus, Nick and his friends have an uphill battle. They come up with a plan, but fully realize that when their plan comes to fruition their is going to be a terrible confrontation between them and the human race.

Like I said, it starts out ugly, but there is a sublime ending that I don’t believe anybody will see coming.

Pack is available on Amazon.

Click on Pack here to check out the Kindle version.

Click on Pack here to check out the paperback version.

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