Franz Kafka and the Metamorphisis of Mankind

Franz Kafka was an obscure government official. His sense of worth was so lacking that, upon his impending death, he asked a friend to destroy everything he had written.

Fortunately for us, before his friend struck a match, he began to turn a page, and we have the remarkable works of Franz Kafka.

Metamorphoses, a short novel wherein a young man turns into a bug. Tell me that ain’t like the teen of today who takes drugs.

The Castle, a novel wherein a man is determined to reach the seat of power, and wanders daily through the streets in search of the castle. He can see it over the spires of the city, but he can’t quite find his way to it.

The Trial, an obfuscation that outdoes 1984 by 1984 times. Joseph K is accused of a crime, but nobody will tell him what that crime is, and daily he attends court, listens to the accusations, and falls deeper and deeper into the morass of legal technicalities that confound and bind the soul.

So read him.

Or, read Machina, by…ahem…me.

Mankind turns into a bug. Travels a tortured road to a new reality, a reality he can’t understand, a reality designed to confound and bind the soul.

Kafka or Kase. Uh, Case. What a choice!

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