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Best Selling Novels Ain’t What They Used to Be

best end of the world novel everI was dribbling through best sellers the other day, it had a bunch of boring concoctions I mostly never heard of.

Who ever heard of Parade’s End by Ford Madox Ford? Heck if a guy names himself after a car twice that ought warn ya.

And, outside of a few books I had to read in school, there was only The Stand by Stephen King.

So only one really popular book made it into the best seller list.

Well, that figures. The list is basically the brainchild of egghead professor types who are allergic to fun reading.

So year after year students buy the books that will bore them to death, and ignore fun reading, the things that will get them excited about reading, and maybe even pry that iPhone out of their orbital sockets.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you get a book that novelizes something like blacks wanting to have their own country. Just slice off a piece of America and hand it over. (Monkeyland)

Or, maybe a book on a nuke going off in Los Angeles, which sets off The Big One, which causes something really bad to happen? (The Machina Series)

Why not look outside the lists, step out of the same old same old and go exploring.

Maybe you’ll find a book that is not meant to please so much as wrench your heart right out of your chest and kick it to a field goal.

You’ve got to look outside the norm if you don’t want yourself to be the same old same old.

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