Is Fergusen related to Terrorism?

Why do Terrorists Do What They Do?

fergusen bombing terrorism

One has to ask whether the rioting in Fergusen can be compared to terrorism. Definition wise, there are many similarities.

People are fighting with the police, that is actually a little beyond terrorism.

People are throwing objects at the police, that would be terrorism.

People are running into stores and stealing TVs, that would  be looting, which is actually part of war crimes.

People are burning down buildings: definitely terrorism.

So this writer would hold forth that the rioting in Fergusen is like terrorism.

Which means that the next time some fellow blows up a skyscraper with an airplane, he’s got a lot in common with the rioters of Fergusen.

Explore the psyche of terrorists, see why they do the things they do. Figure out what, exactly is going through the mind of a terrorist, and that includes people who riot and throw objects at the police and do various other violent actions during a riot.

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