The Bomber’s Story

If I Told You the Real Names…

epic conspiracy thriller

I would be dead within a week.

The United States actually died on Feb 21, 1871. On that date was passed ‘The Act of 1871.’

An innocuous, little document, apparently dealing with other things and, of course, worded to confuse, it made the United States into a corporation.

For the hard facts on this I refer you to the short article ‘The United States Isn’t a Country – It’s a Corporation!’ by Lisa Guliani. But make sure you come back to this page after reading it, for the story she presents has a bit more history to it.

Why would the congress of the United States put aside the constitution and make our country into a corporation? Because the United States was broke, and this was just one of the steps taken to enable the government to borrow money without having to ask the people. That’s like you’re broke, so you go to the bank and take your neighbor’s money. In a way, it is the largest example of identity theft – a whole country – in history.

When I wrote ‘The Bomber’s Story’ I wanted to tell the story of what happened to the United States. I wanted to reveal who is ruling her, and how, and most important…what could be done about it.

But if I wrote the actual story I would be dead within a week. Our rulers brook no ‘treason.’

So I wrote it in novel form. Everything is based on facts. Everything is true. But the names have been changed to protect…the author.

Let me give you a few odds and ends concerning ‘The Bomber’s Story.’

For years I have contacted lawyers and asked them who owned the United States. After all, a corporation is a false front, a ‘body,’ and it must be owned by someone. But not one of these lawyers could figure out who owned the United States. One of them was actually employed in researching corporate ownerships, and he was at first blank, then, as the weeks passed, thoroughly confused. He simply could not find out who owns the United States.

Do the bankers own it? Hmmm.. Probably. But the answer is consigned to some dusty archive wherein walks no human being.

And then…who owns the bankers? When J. P. Morgan died his worth was 6 million dollars. A pittance. So what happened to the rest of the money? He would move hundreds of millions of dollars in a single deal…on the strength of 6 mill? I think not? So what happened to the real money, or, who was the real money?

So the ownership of the United States, the real rulers, dispatch their orders from some august realm, and we know not who they are.

Here’s something else, on another track…

How could you have a conspiracy that would rule the United States….and the whole world?

It’s easy, you just tell some fellow a secret, and that secret makes him feel superior, and then he aligns himself with other superior people. It’s very easy, and it explains everything from islands of pedophilia, to politicians lying in your face, to government trade policies, to which dictators are allowed to stay in business, to…to the daily subterfuge of the US congress.

The secret is…who owns the United States.

Mind you, not every congressman is told this, just the ones with skeletons in their closets, the ones willing to do anything for a buck, the ones who have been proven to be corrupt and have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Planet earth is in a fight for survival. Do you have what it takes to live?

Planet earth is in a fight for survival. Do you have what it takes to live?

Some congressmen are so corrupt they are just told to be outright ‘liberals,’ and to go ahead and vote for the outright destruction of the United States through any act possible. This is where you get the outright communists, the purveyors of licentiousness, the people who lie in your face and are proud of it.

Some congressmen are compromised, sell their souls, then are told to join the ‘other’ party, to vote like an honest person until the one crucial vote comes up. A certain congressman from Arizona is a prime example of this.

So it goes. Time passes and debt builds, and where will it stop? After all, one has to wonder whether the corruption that rules the world will destroy the golden goose that is the United States.

Of course they will. Them durned ‘Muricans are just a little too obnoxious with their misguided talk of liberty and such. Besides, there is a bigger plan. A much bigger plan.

So, want to know who owns the United States? Are you ready to start reading a massive – BUT ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING – tome? Are you ready to come across a fact or two, or a few hundred, and suddenly blink and drop your jaw, and realize…’OH…MY…GOD! That’s how they do it? Is he (the author) talking about MY congressman? Is that REALLY why Kennedy died? Could the United States really be passing laws because of…!’

Now, to warn you…the book is part of a five book series. Actually, six books because The Bomber’s Story was so large I had to put it in two volumes. (240,015 words, and a massive cast!)

But you can get this pivotal tale, The Bomber’s Story,’ in one piece on Kindle.

Though, to be sure, most people, after reading it, will want the two volume paperback version. Which, of course, will greatly help out the author, who CANNOT go through corporate book publishers and must do everything himself.

And, most assuredly, most people will want to read the rest of the series.

What? You thought there is only one, little piece to this tale of betrayal and corruption? Nay. Ask yourself, do you think corruption suddenly pops up? One boil on the butt of mankind? Nay, it pops up in fields and orchards. Corruption is a lo-o-ong tale. It came from somewhere, and it is definitely going somewhere.

But don’t worry about that right now. Instead, worry about your own backyard. Check out ‘The Bomber’s Story,’ risk letting a little light into the dark corners of your cranium, take a chance on finding out who owns you, who really steals all your money and uses it for the most nefarious of purposes.

Find out who the Bomber is, and what secret he found out that blew up his mind, and resulted in a detailed study of how and why a lone individual would go mad…for all the right reasons.

Click on: The Bomber’s Story! 

I want to close with a couple of wins…

Having read at least a few thousand fiction books and series in my lifetime, I can testify that the Monkeyland series by Al Case is the best fiction series I’ve ever read.  It’s got everything.  The characters are so well-written and real that it’s just incredible.  Even with the bit characters, you will find yourself caring and wondering what will happen to them.  Al Case does an excellent job of transporting you to the locale and showing you around.  The plot is gripping — and fascinating — and completely original.  Everything from the attitude of the press, to the complacency of government and the reality and depth of people’s thought and character, is remarkably true to life. ~ Michael W.

And, a win from ‘The Bomber’s Story’…

The Bomber’s Story truly is THE ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY SAGA, as advertised!  When I read this, I just couldn’t put it down!  The ingenious blend of fact, fiction and rumor that is artfully mixed into the story proves to be excellent reading.  You might even get interested in the history of some of the real events in here (I certainly did!), but even if you don’t, the book has an excellent and engaging plot that will pull you right along from page one to the end.  Original and thought-provoking.

Click on: The Bomber’s Story! 


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