Entering the Tweet and Face World of Books!

Tweeting and Facing Books…a New Adventure!

Been doing a bunch of Tweets and…Faces? It’s weird, I’ve never done this, so i do my homework, make my mistakes, and have fun. Nothing is more fun than a mistake. Besides, I get to learn then.

Here they are, for your viewing pleasure, and my unashamed advertising. Guaranteed, people who know how to read are gonna fall in love with these books. People can’t read…ah, never mind.



Drippy, snarling, furry love, best monster love since #twilightseries…Lobo Love at hyperurl.co/yl8m4p


Kids will read and write better if they play with language. ‘How to Create Your Own Secret Language #PigLatin… hyperurl.co/yax0ak


There’s a couple of books here that will really SMASH your ideas of what yoga is…#yogainstruction,  go to hyperurl.co/dsxd3w


Sex becomes horror, then horror becomes sublime. ‘PACK,’ there’s a new race in town. #alienraces … hyperurl.co/d8c12i


Have fun, let me know if there’s a better way to Tweet or Face.

Have a great read!


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