Death to the Corporation!

Do You Read What’s Put Before You?

Here’s something funny: The word corporation comes form the word corp, which means body. You know, like in corpse?

My meaning here is clear, corporations are conglomerations of men, hiding, swaying the world to their will, running the slaves of planet earth.

Death to the corporation! Arise Readers of the Earth! ~ Click on this cover!

Death to the corporation! Arise Readers of the Earth! ~ Click on this cover!

Look, you don’t go to McDonalds because it tastes good. You go there because it tastes the same.

And, all those books on the book shelves of your bookstore, your supermart, your wherever, they are corporate books. Bland stories designed not to upset the populace.

After all, you don’t want the savages to awake and actually (shudder) start asking for knowledge? Right?

Go on, examine those books you’ve been reading.

They average 22 words per sentence, and they are written for a ten grader. That’s all. That’s what sells, the school you went to insured that; you were educated to read no more than, and no less than, 22 words per sentence.

It’s all the human mind can take!

And, the people who own the corps, which means the people who run the country, who give money to the candidates, who chuckle and swill the good stuff while we drink the perfectly designed diabetes inducing soda, can continue to rake in the bucks.

And we eat shit.

We read shit.

And, as long as you read shit you’ll be a slave.

Okay, here’s a test for you. Go into your favorite bookstore and ask for the local authors section. If they don’t have one, you are in corpland.

If they do have one, then you will actually be able to read stuff that was not crafted to keep you asleep; you’ll be able to read ideas that corporations are afraid of; ideas that might wake you up, enable you to swill the good stuff, and then there won’t be enough left for the corp bosses.

Okay, had my rant, probably won’t do much good. After all, you’re happy with McDonalds, right? And you like that diabetic coma that you are descending into.

You like being unconscious.

Well, I don’t blame you. After all, it’s better than waking up and realizing how stupid you’ve been.

Here, try Neutropia. See if you wake up.

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