Corporate Novels Will Never Predict American Insurrection

Terrorists Take a City Hostage and Call It Their Own Country!

You know, I actually predicted this, the Antifa type group taking over an American city, 20 years ago. I sent it around to agents and publishers, got picked up, got bid on, and then the publishers all backed out.

They were scared that it was a book about racism and revolution.

And what do we have now? In Seattle? Racism and terrorism.

The fact of the matter is that no modern publisher will ever take on a controversial subject knowingly. They deliberately guide themselves past anything that might be controversial, or right make you think, or…upsetting to the status quo.

Heck, the publishers are part of the media, they are owned by the money that is supporting revolt and revolution. Why on earth would they want too risk upsetting their own plans to take down the United States in favor of a one world government?

And, just so you know, a one world government is that government which does not have two parties.

No choice.

Nobody is allowed to think creatively.

Everybody is only allowed to support the rulers, the status quo, the people who own the media and the government and the internet. The people who censor all news, and even the communications of individuals.

So that is why I say modern novels will never give you the goods, encourage you to think. They just want you to be nice, little corporate consumers, and the hell with liberty, equality and fraternity.

Of course, you really can revolt. You can actually read thought provoking novels. Novels that predict the brown shirt revolters like Antifa, or, dare I say it? Black Lives Matter.

Guaranteed, once you read a real book you’ll start thinking about the insurrection in Seattle in an entirely different way.

Here’s the five star (on Amazon) start of Monkeyland.

Have a great (but not corporate) read!

Al from


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