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How to Kill and the Spread of Autism in the United States

How America is killing Itself I picked ‘How to Kill’ as a title with some trepidation. After all, who would I be appealing to? Still, the idea was good, the story was hard core, and I liked it. Well, nobody … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind How to Kill

The Story Behind the How to Kill Someone What is interesting is that I was actually on vicodin, and in extreme pain, the whole time I wrote the How to Kill novel. My injury paralleled the injury of the hero, and … Continue reading

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Is Fergusen related to Terrorism?

Why do Terrorists Do What They Do? One has to ask whether the rioting in Fergusen can be compared to terrorism. Definition wise, there are many similarities. People are fighting with the police, that is actually a little beyond terrorism. … Continue reading

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Announcing the Publication of ‘How to Kill!’

How to Kill A not so gentle tale of one man who decides to fight back. Did that school teacher give you a less than passing grade? Here’s how you fight back. Did that cop give you a ticket? Here’s … Continue reading

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