Releasing an Encyclopedia of Martial Arts

I Wrote an Encyclopedia of Martial Arts

There are five books in the Martial Arts encyclopedia, and they cover Karate from China to America, from the first transmutations of Kung Fu to the latest scientific innovations.

karate training manual

Now available on Kindle!
Click on the cover!

Pan Gai Noon, is on of the more important Chinese Arts that influenced Karate

Kang Duk Won is a pure form of Karate before the Japanese went power crazy on it.

Kwon Bup is an American version, very powerful and straight forward.

Outlaw Karate is the record of my attempts to create a style of Karate that could be done in one year. A black belt in one year really is a heady concept.

And the last book, Buddha Crane Karate, begins going into matrixing concepts.

I haven’t listed as an encyclopedia (though I did at one time), and that is because these five books were written over a twenty year period. They have different software programs, different technologies, and, taken together, they are ragged. So I list them as separate books, but they are an encyclopedia of Martial Arts. They are all technique, not a lot of words, just the actual moves.

You can find the Encyclopedia of Martial Arts on this page.

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How I Murdered People and lLoved It

The purpose of a writer is to kill and maim.
When you get that ticket from that know nothing deputy, don’t you just want to kill him?
But you can’t.
So you write about it; you vent; the blood departs your spleen and you return to…normal.
A serial killer, a murderer most inventive.
The deputy is dead, and you are alive.
So, does that make me a psychopath?
I think it makes me sane.
I am a murderer in my own mind, and that makes me more sane than you.
You don’t believe me?
Well, read Twisted Gods.
That is a sick puppy if there ever was one.
It starts out with a crime you cannot imagine, and then just gets worse.
And, by the end, by the time all the bodies are strewn about and starting to rot, I guarantee…you are going to feel good.
When you hit that last conclusion, and realize just how bad the human race is and how it all deserves to die…you’re going to be a happy camper.
That’s Twisted Gods, at

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Release of New Werewolf Love Story

Lobo Love ~ A Werewolf Romance

a tale of love…and a shotgun filled with dimes.
Sarah Brightman is out walking in the Alaskan wilderness when she comes across a man chained to a tree. The man’s name is Johnny, and he says he is a werewolf.

werewolf romance

Great Werewolf Story

Sarah knows there is no such thing as Werewolves.
Then she is chased through the wilderness by some very furry psychotics.
Johnny, you see, belongs to Lativia, a vicious sort of gal with eight nipples, and Lativia wants her handsome Johnny back in the pack.
What Lativia hasn’t figured on is Sarah, and the power of love…lobo love!

Check out Lobo Love at Amazon. Kindle or paperback.

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Bugs Take Over Planet Earth!

If Bugs Owned Planet Earth…

If bugs declared war they would wipe out mankind in a matter of days. This is simple fact based on the numbers of bugs v the number of people on planet earth.

BUT…what would bugs do if they owned planet earth? That is the question, you know?

In Machina that is one of the questions answered. The imagination of bugs is explored, the potential is realized, and a new world order is at hand.

Unless, of course, man can rise to the challenge.

The fat that he is in a battle for planet earth in the first place, however, indicates that he has already lost.

Anyway, Machina truly is the most astounding novel ever written. From terrorism to alien architecture, from swarm thought to new weapons, this book delivers.

It’s available at Amazon. Paper or Kindle.

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African-Americans Start Own Country Inside US!

A New Country in the Heart of Los Angeles!

What if blacks decided to start their own country in the heart of Los Angeles?

What would the police do?

What would the politicians do?

What would the news media report?

These are fascinating questions that are asked in the thriller novel called Monkeyland by Al Case.

What is doubly interesting is the fact that the whole thing is tied together with a terrorist plot. Not one of those silly Arab terrorist plots, but rather home-grown, had all that they could stand, White terrorists.

What makes this novel significant is the fact that Mr. case has gone against corporate guidelines for writing. This book is unique, original, and will bring your eyeballs to the page from beginning to end.

Monkeyland can be picked up on Amazon, Either print or Kindle.

Click on Monkeyland.

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The Perfect Plot for the Ultimate Conspiracy

The Perfect Crime for the Perfect Plot

When I wrote The Bomber’s Story I had in mind making the perfect plot, or, in other words, how to commit the perfect crime.

What go me started on this was reading about a bank robbery up in Northern California.

A fellow took a little, remote toy truck and wrapped up some tubes so that it looked like it was carrying a load of dynamite.

epic conspiracy thriller

Click on this cover!

Then he ran the truck through the gate and into the yard of a propane company.

Man, the town went bonkers. Every cop showed up, people were running around like crazy, families were getting evacuated.

And, while this was going on, the fellow who had built the truck drove to the other side of town, walked into a bank, and cleaned it out.

Then he drove out the only road in town.

The cops finally figured out that the dynamite was a fake, and realized it was just a ploy so a guy could rob a bank. So they set up road blocks at the next town that the only road led to. They thought they had the guy, but, hour after hour, nobody shows up!

So they drive up the road, and he’s disappeared.

A week later somebody finds a stolen car parked deep in the brush. The guy had apparently had a canoe stashed along the river, and while the police went crazy and ulled out all the stops to find him, he floated down the river.

Doubtless with a six pack or his favorite and delightfully chilled beverage.

I don’t believe he was ever caught.

So I thought long and hard about setting up perfect crimes, and I came up with a number of them. But the one in The Bomber’s Story was the best. I know it seems a bit out there, but the idea is for the bad guy to walk away from the crime. And in Bomber’s Story Bob, the bomber, certainly walks. He even becomes a bit beloved for his crime.

And it helps when you find out the story behind the bomber, and realize that there are degrees of badness, and that…what the heck else is Bob going to do after he…after he learns what he learns.

But now we are going too far, and you need to read it for yourself.

Have a good read.


The Bomber’s Story, the story of the perfect crime, is available on Kindle and paper at amazon.

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Publication of The Bomber’s Story: The Bomber

Just Released ~ The Bomber’s Story part one!

I read the conspiracy theories, have followed them for decades. So how much truth is in them? Is it hoax? Is Jesse Ventura full of it?

In Bomber’s Story (part one) I lay out the real history of earth.

I use three books as the main sources. The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, Our Secret Rulers by Eustace Mullins, and the bible.

epic conspiracy thriller

Click on this cover!

These books actually contain a complete history of planet earth, the trick is to combine them so they make sense, so they make one, solid timeline.

Were there aliens on earth long ago?

Is the planet run by banksters?

Is war and disease merely a coin used by the ruling elite to keep earthlings in chains?

The Bomber’s Story manages to put questions such as these on a timeline, thus, if you think about it, proving them.

So check out The Bomber’s Story. It’s on Amazon, and available on kindle or paperback. Read it, and then consider whether you still believe the fairy tales that went for history in your high school history classes.

At the cry least, it is going to be the most exciting, breakneck, conspiracy thriller you have ever read.

The Bomber’s Story (part one) is part of the Monkeyland Epic. While it is part of a mammoth science fiction series, it can be read by itself.



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A Baby Boomer from a Nuclear Family

Doesn’t it sound weird?

To be a baby boomer from a nuclear family?

But, it’s true, and it makes me wonder what this current generation is going to be called?

At first I thought maybe ‘The iPhone generation,’ because everybody wants the latest gimcrack. Or, the ipad generation, or something else like that.

survivalist political thriller

baby boomers

Then I thought maybe it would be the ‘Google generation.’

Or, the Twitter generation.

Or something like that.

Then I started to wonder whether it might be called…the ‘welfare generation.’

Everybody out of work, and people still obsessing on iPhones.

Or a government that lies, and nobody cares as long as they get their check, or their free insurance, or whatever.

As a baby boomer from a nuclear family I heard the following statement form JFK: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Though this was a weird liberalism, there was still a crock of patriotism behind it.

Now we want free insurance.


Ask not not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.

Hey, read ‘The Day the President killed the United States.’ It’s available in paperback or Kindle.

And don’t forget to subscribe…


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Publishing Outlaw Karate on Kindle

Finally Published Outlaw Karate on Kindle

Took me a while, I had to jump through hoops, and avoid all the instructions on Kindle for how to submit manuscripts, but I did it. Outlaw Karate is now not only available in paperback, but on Kindle.

It’s interesting, there aren’t a lot of martial arts books available on Kindle, and that is because Kindle makes it REALLY hard to publish anything with photos.

karate training manual

Now available on Kindle!
Click on the cover!

But, so what, I made it.

Outlaw Karate is a blend of two styles, Kang Duk Won Korean Karate and Kwon Bup American Karate. There was just a lot of redundancy, too many techniques collected, too much memorization.

So I combined the two systems, streamlined the forms and collected ONLY the techniques that REALLY worked, and called the thing Outlaw Karate.

I actually was teaching it back in the eighties in various forms, it was a real breakthrough for me. I realized that it shouldn’t take 4 or 5 years to get to black belt…you can actually get fast and quick and, most important, polished enough, that you can earn a black belt within a year.

This is the system I used, exactly as I taught it.

And, I know a lot of people don’t like it.

Heck, if you can learn karate in a year, using my books and videos, then why should you go to a school and pay tuition for 4 or 5 years? Right?

Well, I think you should go to a school, be it karate or taekwondo or whatever, and get the discipline and the hands on toughness, and ALSO take advantage of my nearly 50 years in the martial arts.

You guys and gals have a great day and a great work out!


And check out my novels on Amazon. A lot of them are martial arts oriented.

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Death to the Corporation!

Do You Read What’s Put Before You?

Here’s something funny: The word corporation comes form the word corp, which means body. You know, like in corpse?

My meaning here is clear, corporations are conglomerations of men, hiding, swaying the world to their will, running the slaves of planet earth.

Death to the corporation! Arise Readers of the Earth! ~ Click on this cover!

Death to the corporation! Arise Readers of the Earth! ~ Click on this cover!

Look, you don’t go to McDonalds because it tastes good. You go there because it tastes the same.

And, all those books on the book shelves of your bookstore, your supermart, your wherever, they are corporate books. Bland stories designed not to upset the populace.

After all, you don’t want the savages to awake and actually (shudder) start asking for knowledge? Right?

Go on, examine those books you’ve been reading.

They average 22 words per sentence, and they are written for a ten grader. That’s all. That’s what sells, the school you went to insured that; you were educated to read no more than, and no less than, 22 words per sentence.

It’s all the human mind can take!

And, the people who own the corps, which means the people who run the country, who give money to the candidates, who chuckle and swill the good stuff while we drink the perfectly designed diabetes inducing soda, can continue to rake in the bucks.

And we eat shit.

We read shit.

And, as long as you read shit you’ll be a slave.

Okay, here’s a test for you. Go into your favorite bookstore and ask for the local authors section. If they don’t have one, you are in corpland.

If they do have one, then you will actually be able to read stuff that was not crafted to keep you asleep; you’ll be able to read ideas that corporations are afraid of; ideas that might wake you up, enable you to swill the good stuff, and then there won’t be enough left for the corp bosses.

Okay, had my rant, probably won’t do much good. After all, you’re happy with McDonalds, right? And you like that diabetic coma that you are descending into.

You like being unconscious.

Well, I don’t blame you. After all, it’s better than waking up and realizing how stupid you’ve been.

Here, try Neutropia. See if you wake up.

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