Bruce Lee’s Martial Art Analyzed

The Martial Arts of Bruce Lee Revealed!

The name of the book is ‘Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, and Neutronics.’

Written by Al Case, a martial artist with near fifty years experience in the martial arts, this book takes an outside viewpoint of Bruce Lee, and his martial art (Jeet Kune Do).

Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do

Click on the new book about Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee is often considered, specifically as to what drove him to his martial arts theories. The main focus of the book, however, is to compare and contrast Jeet Kune Do to the more classical martial arts, specifically, the author’s art of Karate.

This is a hard core book. While it is respectful, it is obvious that the author holds Mr. Lee in high esteem, there are some very hard questions asked concerning the formation of JKD, and the real purpose of the art.

It is also an intelligent book, going into Matrixing Technology, which is the first and only science of the martial arts, and Neutronic philosophy. The author claims that because JKD is an advanced martial art only advanced methods of thought can be used to analyze it.

Which is to say that if you are Beeavis or Butthead, you may want to avoid this tome. It won’t teach you Jeet Kune Do, and it may hurt your head to actually start thinking about it.

Mr. Case has, as said, near 50 years martial arts experience. He began Kenpo Karate in 1967, quickly became an instructor, and went on to study virtually every martial art that came down the pike during the Golden Age of Martial Arts. He became a writer for the magazines in 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. Thus, Mr. Case doesn’t enter the picture as a newbie, but an experienced fighter and writer. His compare and contrast with JKD should provide the most enlightened student with much thought.

Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, and Neutronics, will be released and on Amazon within the week, and students interested in the paperback version should do a search on Amazon probably by the last week of April 2015.

Students who would like to save $5 and purchase the instant download of the book should go to

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Are you Suffering from Emotional Punctuation?

If you’re a writer, it is good that you’re suffering from emotional punctuation. If you’re not, you should at least understand it. And how do you go about understanding this bizarre term that sounds almost psychiatric in tone? You go to the latest article by Al Case.

how to become a writer

And there it is.

Don’t dally now, don’t let emotional punctuation get the best of you.

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How to Kill and the Spread of Autism in the United States

How America is killing Itself

I picked ‘How to Kill’ as a title with some trepidation.

After all, who would I be appealing to?

how to kill somebodyStill, the idea was good, the story was hard core, and I liked it.

Well, nobody ever called me a marketing genius.

The thing is, America is on drugs, recreational drugs, prescribed drugs, GMO, pesticides, and just about everything else.

Is it no wonder that autism is growing at an exponential rate? And that within a couple of generations, should we not take our drug addictions in had, America will be half moron?

So there is good cause for this book.

Do you know ANYBODY who isn’t drunk, drugged, and eats the GMO products shoved down our throat by corporate America?

The story behind Joe Landry in How to Kill is a vicious story of pain and drugs and the eventual outcome: the desire and increased ability to kill your fellow man.

Not going to happen?

Buddy, it has already happened.

Go on, check it out, ‘How to Kill,’ at Amazon.

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Writing a Conspiracy Novel and the Bomb Truck Drove Up

Conspiracy Novel Mirrors Life

I was writing my whomper stomper conspiracy novel, ‘The Bomber’s Story, the TV was on in the other room, and suddenly I heard that a bomb truck had driven up to Channel 7!

Whoa! That was exactly what I was writing about!

epic conspiracy thriller

What the Bomber knows…would it drive you insane?

In my conspiracy novel I have a man report a bomb, then walk into a TV station and request to be interviewed. ‘Oh, I’m not blowing up buildings…I just know where 99 more bombs are.” And the police arrive, bringing with them…a bomb truck.

In real life a fellow wrote ‘Bomb’ on the side of his panel truck and drove up and asked to be interviewed.

Geez. Talk about fiction mirroring reality!

In the book, the bomber is a nice and polite young man name of Bob. He doesn’t consider himself a terrorist, merely a businessman brokering information. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but he is in business, and…

Not your normal terrorist, eh?

The thing is, most terrorists are the same. They are small-minded fellows,  they are upset and they consider themselves small and voiceless and a belief system allows them to think they can make a difference.

In my book Bob is not small, he doesn’t have a belief system shoving him, he has just been pushed over the edge by what he has found out about the governments of the world.

Now, as to what this idiot who drove up to Channel 7 in a truck wanted, I don’t know. Those were uni-bomber days and the world was filled with idiots who were small but thought they had big thoughts.

But I know that Bob opens the door to a vast conspiracy theory, and this conspiracy is filled with  real world events, and when you find out what drove Bob insane…you might find yourself wanting to go blow up a building or two.

Nyuck Nyuck!

That’s The Bomber’s Story, on Amazon.


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The Reality of Writing Novels

The Real Stories Behind the Stories

Sometimes i just wake up in the middle of the night, maybe I am in the middle of a dream, and I start writing a fast as I can.

But there are several of my books which had direct inspiration from real life events.

science fiction horror novelPack is based upon the fact that the CIA used to sell LSD to college kids back in the sixties. Further, they were active in experimenting on people with their ‘designer drugs.’

Twisted Gods was inspired by  the fact that the United States spread flu germs in the fifties by dropping light bulbs in subways. They wanted to see how fast the flu spread, how viable the method was for biological warfare.

One of my later books, The Day the President Killed the United States, is based upon the executive orders that recent Presidents have signed into law, executive orders that are highly illegal and, if ever implemented, would make slavs of the people of the United States.

Nice government we have, eh?

Anyway, there are a lot of other real life events behind my books. I’ll tell you more of them later.

Check out my site, if you want to walk on the wild side.


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Merry Ghostly Xmas!

Xmas, and the World is About to be Destroyed!

When the White Dove Speaks is my answer to Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol.’

a christmas carol

Click on cover for a Merry Xmas!

In Dickens’ classic a scrooge meets three ghosts, and something in him changes.

In my classic, ‘When the White Dove Speaks,’ everybody becomes a ghost, and the world has to change.

And, really, it does have to change. I mean, have you read the headlines lately? Isis beheads, Obama has AIDs, China is going to destroy the dollar, and let’s not even think about Ebola.

So the world has to change, but change, as the zen sage says, ‘comes form within.’

So Jack Mackey has to take a bunch of ghosts to Washington to save the world.

Huh! As if a bunch of ghosts would care about the world. They’re dead, they have no bodies, what do they care what happens?

Gives Jack a nice problem, eh?

Anyway, if you want to see how a ghost saves the world, check out When the White Dove Speaks, it’s your merry Xmas novel this year, and it is a hoot and a half!

Don’t forget to subscribe!


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The Truth Behind How to Kill

The Story Behind the How to Kill Someone

What is interesting is that I was actually on vicodin, and in extreme pain, the whole time I wrote the How to Kill novel. My injury paralleled the injury of the hero, and thus the story was ‘researched,’ and based in reality.

how to kill somebodyYes, doctors do what the book describes.

Yes, cops do what the book describes.

The real question here is whether this book is a call to action.

No need. Just stay away from doctors and lawyers and cops and ex-mates and other low lifes.

And, if you do find yourself with the unbearable and legitimate desire to kill, start taking vicodin. Don’t get drunk, you’ll get sloppy. Don’t tell anybody, just rely on the dehumanizing effects of Vicodin. You’ll be fine. Your desire to be an upstanding human being, to have morals and ethics and such, will disappear. After a while you can get off the drug, and you’ll find, as did I, that it is incredibly easy to kick.

And that’s how you do it.

So the book, the blueprint, is How to Kill, and it is available on Amazon, or you could even go to your local bookstore and tell them to order it.

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Is Fergusen related to Terrorism?

Why do Terrorists Do What They Do?

fergusen bombing terrorism

One has to ask whether the rioting in Fergusen can be compared to terrorism. Definition wise, there are many similarities.

People are fighting with the police, that is actually a little beyond terrorism.

People are throwing objects at the police, that would be terrorism.

People are running into stores and stealing TVs, that would  be looting, which is actually part of war crimes.

People are burning down buildings: definitely terrorism.

So this writer would hold forth that the rioting in Fergusen is like terrorism.

Which means that the next time some fellow blows up a skyscraper with an airplane, he’s got a lot in common with the rioters of Fergusen.

Explore the psyche of terrorists, see why they do the things they do. Figure out what, exactly is going through the mind of a terrorist, and that includes people who riot and throw objects at the police and do various other violent actions during a riot.

Know the enemy and you will be better prepared. Check out ‘The Day They Bombed the Hell Out of Los Angeles!’ On Amazon.

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Werewolves hiding in Alaska!

Where can a Werewolf hide?

Where can a werewolf hide? In Alaska. Heck, there’s very few people, and if one gets eaten by a wolf every once in a while, nobody going to notice.

werewolf romance

Great Werewolf horror Story

So Sarah Brightsman is up north, doing some research, and she comes upon a man chained to a tree. The man claims he’s a werewolf. Right.

So Sarah unchains hi, and so begins a taut chase through the Alaskan wilderness and down the Alaskan highway.

Sarah and Johnny on the run fro Johnnies pack, and the meanest, most vicious werewolf dominatrix you will ever see.

What they don’t know is that when they reach civilization they will find even more werewolves. Werewolves, you see, can hide right in front of civilization.

That’s Lobo Love, available at Amazon.


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Pack Vents Rage!

Pack is a sci fi horror novel

The CIA experiments with DNA, and finds something hiding in the genes of man.

science fiction horror novelA new race is born, stronger, faster, smarter, and the CIA decides they need to terminate this new race.

The new race, the ‘Pack,’ however, has other ideas.

Thus, the reader is taken through an extrapolation of new ideas, ideas in which mankind plays second place, in which new technology is born, in which the true psychic abilities of man, as bred by the Pack, are plumbed.

But, there are horrors waiting in this new technology. Horrors of sex and death, of what is the real solution, as seen by a superior race, for this warlike, doom and gloom race called man.

The fun thing about Pack is that it takes place in Los Altos, which happens to be the town in which the author grew up in.

How twisted was that upraising? You might get an idea when you watch him take this normal little town and rape and kill it. What’s really sick is that you’ll enjoy it!

But, that is just gratuitous, because at the end of pack is a finale so sublime, so other world, that the reader will be extremely sorry he put the book down.

That’s Pack, on Amazon ~ There’s a new race in town!

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