The Solution for Writer’s Block

Fixing Writer’s Block for Good!

homeschool writing bookI was scrounging around the internet the other day, and came across a rather sizable number of beginning writers who were complaining about ‘Writer’s block.’ Writer’s Block is when you can’t think of anything to write.

With over 100 books to my credit, with over 3 million words written, I have never, ever, once experienced writer’s block. Of course, I have a secret.

The Secret Behind Writer’s Block

When something starts to dry up I can feel it, and I immediately go back to where I left my train of thought. When the water dries up there is a crimp in the hose. Go back and straighten it out.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Now, I have written and reached a point where I didn’t think what I was writing was worth it, and stopped. But that is not writer’s block, that is a decision not to waste my time. And you have to be pretty good at self-editing to reach that point.

But the point is this: somebody has a great idea (we assume) and is hot on it. Suddenly, it all stops, as if it never was. But it’s not that it never was…it’s that the writer took a left turn, had a bright idea, and somehow left the train of the original concept. Oops.

How do you know when you’ve left your idea? And the major thrust of your story?

You don’t. All you have to do, when everything dries up, when the fingers stop maniacally pounding without any c concern for you or life or anything, is go back.

Go back a paragraph. Be honest with yourself. Did you have an idea at some point? Did you get a little too clever? Did you originate a thought, instead of just letting the flow go? No? then go back two paragraphs. A page. Ten pages.

There is it. You found it. Now delete everything past that left turn and restart from that point.

And, if you don’t have full confidence in your editing eye, simply cut and paste that section at the end of your book so you can have it saved, and look at it later, after you have rewritten.

I’ve deleted over 60 pages. Killed me, but I knew what the book wanted, and I knew what I wanted, and I had to put myself on delete and get back to the idea of the book.

And, just to let you know, while I was doing this ever since I started writing, it took me a while to figure out what I was doing, and start doing it consciously.

Now it’s second nature. Easy peasy. But beginning writers have to be very nitpick in doing this, and they have to be willing to put themselves, and bright ideas on how cool this or that would be, on hold for the sake of the book.

I’ve got other tips on how to write in the book: How to Teach How to Write (The Write Way)

Have a great write!

Al Case (author of Monkeyland)

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Strange Days has an Al Case Short Story In It

Al Case Short Story Just Published!

Hey, I love happy news. The happy news is I had a short story, ‘The Cities Are Mean,’ published in ‘Strange Days: Midnight Street Anthology 4.

This is a big book, a very professional book, and I am surrounded by excellent authors and their funomenal stories.

The concept of the book is…(drum roll)…The End of the World!

Trevor Denyer, the fellow that sorted through the slush pile of the world to find these amazing pieces, decided upon the concept before the Corona Virus. What an amazing piece of foresight, eh?

My particular story takes place after the world is ended. It deals with hard people and hard decisions after the world has gone bad.

Real bad.

So if you want to kick up your feet and enjoy the End of the World, while the world does its Corona thing…this is the perfect book!

The book is over 500 pages, and you can get it here…


or here…

STRANGE DAYS (paperback)

Or, you can go to the publishers…


I’m on page 271, see ya there…


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Corporate Novels Will Never Predict American Insurrection

Terrorists Take a City Hostage and Call It Their Own Country!

You know, I actually predicted this, the Antifa type group taking over an American city, 20 years ago. I sent it around to agents and publishers, got picked up, got bid on, and then the publishers all backed out.

They were scared that it was a book about racism and revolution.

And what do we have now? In Seattle? Racism and terrorism.

The fact of the matter is that no modern publisher will ever take on a controversial subject knowingly. They deliberately guide themselves past anything that might be controversial, or right make you think, or…upsetting to the status quo.

Heck, the publishers are part of the media, they are owned by the money that is supporting revolt and revolution. Why on earth would they want too risk upsetting their own plans to take down the United States in favor of a one world government?

And, just so you know, a one world government is that government which does not have two parties.

No choice.

Nobody is allowed to think creatively.

Everybody is only allowed to support the rulers, the status quo, the people who own the media and the government and the internet. The people who censor all news, and even the communications of individuals.

So that is why I say modern novels will never give you the goods, encourage you to think. They just want you to be nice, little corporate consumers, and the hell with liberty, equality and fraternity.

Of course, you really can revolt. You can actually read thought provoking novels. Novels that predict the brown shirt revolters like Antifa, or, dare I say it? Black Lives Matter.

Guaranteed, once you read a real book you’ll start thinking about the insurrection in Seattle in an entirely different way.

Here’s the five star (on Amazon) start of Monkeyland.

Have a great (but not corporate) read!

Al from


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Seattle Insurrection described 20 Years Ago

Ha! I just watched the news about the ‘Seattle Insurrection.’ Antifa takes over part of Seattle and declares it cop free, and a new country.

But I wrote that exact same scenario in ‘Monkeyland.’ And I wrote it near 20 years ago.

White terrorists take a black school hostage in South Central Los Angeles. Blacks create their own country in the heart of LA.

Pretty darned the same.

The link is below.


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Release of ‘Monster Killer!’


Just released a new book, ‘Monster Killer.’

This is a BIG tale, a ‘monster’ of a tale, if you’ll forge my punning. It’s 150,000 words.

The central theme of the book is simple: a man dies and goes to a small town in Matah Montana. Matah has gone crazy, people inventing new and clever ways of killing people.

So what’s causing the killing? A monster. The only problem is the monster isn’t the problem…it’s the solution.

Ask yourself, if this monster is so horrific, then what has it been summoned to deal with? And how horrific is this other thing that it needs a monster to deal with it?

Of course, that leaves the dead man. He doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do, but thing is sure…the monster is coming for him. And he doesn’t even know why that is happening!

This was one of my first books, many years ago. I originally published it as ‘The north Mansion.’ The only problem was that I published it, but through some twist of fate it never got released.

So here it is, the best and biggest monster in the world, all fresh and ready to crunch on bones, eat souls, and lay waste to good, old planet earth.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the link…MONSTER KILLER!

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Entering the Tweet and Face World of Books!

Tweeting and Facing Books…a New Adventure!

Been doing a bunch of Tweets and…Faces? It’s weird, I’ve never done this, so i do my homework, make my mistakes, and have fun. Nothing is more fun than a mistake. Besides, I get to learn then.

Here they are, for your viewing pleasure, and my unashamed advertising. Guaranteed, people who know how to read are gonna fall in love with these books. People can’t read…ah, never mind.



Drippy, snarling, furry love, best monster love since #twilightseries…Lobo Love at


Kids will read and write better if they play with language. ‘How to Create Your Own Secret Language #PigLatin…


There’s a couple of books here that will really SMASH your ideas of what yoga is…#yogainstruction,  go to


Sex becomes horror, then horror becomes sublime. ‘PACK,’ there’s a new race in town. #alienraces …


Have fun, let me know if there’s a better way to Tweet or Face.

Have a great read!


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Finding the Hidden Gem Novels

Best Selling Novels Ain’t What They Used to Be

best end of the world novel everI was dribbling through best sellers the other day, it had a bunch of boring concoctions I mostly never heard of.

Who ever heard of Parade’s End by Ford Madox Ford? Heck if a guy names himself after a car twice that ought warn ya.

And, outside of a few books I had to read in school, there was only The Stand by Stephen King.

So only one really popular book made it into the best seller list.

Well, that figures. The list is basically the brainchild of egghead professor types who are allergic to fun reading.

So year after year students buy the books that will bore them to death, and ignore fun reading, the things that will get them excited about reading, and maybe even pry that iPhone out of their orbital sockets.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you get a book that novelizes something like blacks wanting to have their own country. Just slice off a piece of America and hand it over. (Monkeyland)

Or, maybe a book on a nuke going off in Los Angeles, which sets off The Big One, which causes something really bad to happen? (The Machina Series)

Why not look outside the lists, step out of the same old same old and go exploring.

Maybe you’ll find a book that is not meant to please so much as wrench your heart right out of your chest and kick it to a field goal.

You’ve got to look outside the norm if you don’t want yourself to be the same old same old.

Written by Al Case (

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The Danger of Corporate Books!

Corporate Books?

What, you might ask, is a Corporate Book?

To explain that, let me ask you a question. Have you, in the last few years, read a book that really made you think? Made you shiver to your toes? Intrigued you with amazing possibilities?

Have you read something like Dune?

Or the Lensmen Series?

Have you even read engrossing blockbusters like The Godfather? Or Catch 22?

The answer is no.

Today’s books are modeled after the Hardy Boys.

Some detective/ex-CIA agent/Navy Seal, who drives a cool car and loves art, is dragged out of retirement to save the world.

In between clever quips he beats up psychotic doctors who happen to be serial killers, Arabs who have sauntered across the border with a bomb strapped to their back, or moles who have embedded themselves within the US government.

And it all reads like the Hardy Boys.

In fact, it is an exact formula.

You don’t believe me?

Try reading James Rollins.

Not the Sigma Series, because that is the formula.

Read, instead, his early work: Excavation, Amazonia, or one of those.

In the early books he comes up with unbelievable plots based on incredible but potentially true science. You hang on his words, and you never know what’s coming next.

Then he went to writing the corporate Sigma novels. And he even took on Co-writers.The books aren’t even written by him!

The action becomes predictable. You can see everything coming.

That is a corporate novel.

That is when a writer has given up creativity to spout what the big corporate houses say sells.

But it is written for masses, and the masses are a dope. They wouldn’t recognize creativity if it was in a pimple on their…fanny.

Now take a look at the following video. It’s only three minutes…

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Have you EVER heard of a plot like that before in your life? I mean, isn’t that bizarre? 

It’s so bizarre that, if you are one of the bonehead masses, you will get nervous reading it. You simply won’t know what is coming.

A corporate novel is predictable.

A non-corporate novel, you never know what is going to happen.

That is the difference.

So try Machina. It’s written by Al Case, and you can find it on Amazon.

If it makes you nervous, then go back to that defective riding around in a fancy car and making you feel neat with all his clever quips.

But if it doesn’t make you nervous, if you suddenly find yourself blinking in wonder, then hallelujah, brother, you have just found something fresh and stunning and energizing. You’ve found a writer with new ideas and the ability to slap your face one way, then the other, and you’ll do nothing but cry for joy.

That’s Machina, by Al Case, on Amazon.

Have a non-corporate day.

Strike back against the corporate mindset!

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New Book on Teaching Children to Write!

The new book is titled,

‘How to Teach How to Write (The Write Way)’

It is short and sweet, built around the author’s own experiences as a tutor, his own method for how to fix children who have been educationally abused, and teach them how to absolutely LOVE writing.

homeschool writing bookGot a child that is allergic to the pen?

Are you tired of the ‘Do I have to?’ whining?

Here’s your solution.

BUT, it is not just for children. It is for anybody who wishes to learn a five star approach to writing.

AND, it has the complete five star text for ‘Blood and Ink,’ the author’s personal method on being a professional writer. It details how to write, how to get published, and all in a unique viewpoint that – guaranteed – has not been seen before.

Here’s the odd thing: the author barely graduated from high school, and quickly left college. Yet he became a professional writer. He did it not by what he (never) learned in the educational institutions, but by forging a unique personality and methodology that, after you read the book, you will wish the schools had.

Guaranteed: use this book and your children will learn to write quickly, rapidly, and easily. There will be no more resisting, and they will shortly develop an absolute LOVE for the written word.

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The First Chapter that Killed a Book

A Great First Chapter, but It Scares People!

One of the first things I was told, when learning to write, was that you have to get the readers (editors) attention. 

A new country in the heart of Los Angeles...are you ready to pick up  a gun and fight?

A new country in the heart of Los Angeles.

Slap ’em in the face. Make ’em blink. Make ’em sit up and take notice.

Good advice, really, except that I overdid it.

Monkeyland is a book about racism. It’s timely, provocative, and a hell of a fine and exciting read.

EXCEPT, the first chapter is a slap in the face. The first chapter sets the stage, it has terrorists, racist terrorists,taking a school hostage.

Here’s what one reader said: ‘After the first chapter I wasn’t sure if the book was for me but thought I’d give it a chance. After the second, I read it all the way through the same day. It’s a page turner. Beware, you won’t get much else done the rest of the day so read it when you have spare time.’

But he had a rough time with that first chapter.

He didn’t say it was bad, because it isn’t. But it is not for the faint of heart. 

And, FYI, his is one of two 5 star ratings. Nobody else reads the book because, when they glance at the write up, when they peruse the ‘insides,’ they think I’m a racist.

But the second chapter lays that to waste.

The second chapter is where we start to turn around, find a basic humanity, see what the black race is capable of. This is where we start to find that racism is ignorance, and that humanity is capable of great things.

I’ve had black people read it and say, ‘Gawd!’ And they loved it.

Wish they would have said that in writing in reviews.

Anyway, be careful when you write a good book. Slap them in the face, but don’t scare the crap out of them.

Have a great day!

Click here


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