Best End of the World Book Ever Written!

It Truly is the End of the World!

I had an editor once, when in the process of rejecting my carefully crafted tale of fantastical fantasy, who said, ‘Nobody cares, Al. It is a truly great short story, well written, but the subject is just not exciting.

I thought about that, and thought about it a lot.

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The Best End of the World Book Ever Written!

What would people care about.

Well, I came up with death and destruction, murder and mayhem, and ALL sorts of wonderful disasters designed to set people to caring on the seat of their pants.

And I came up with Machina.

Is there anything a person could care more about than the end of the world?

The end of friends, of towns and cities, of communities and society, of…reality itself?

I mean, where would we be without reality, eh?

No ham sandwiches? No smooches? No place to exist.

It would be like being a ghost without an afterlife. Sort of impossible.

Machina. A story of reality come undone. Of a metamorphoses of mankind. Of a final hope embedded in a small boy with BIG powers.

And, after I had written it I was a little impressed, if I do say so. I had competed with the greats, with Stephen King and all those fellows, and, if my reviewers can be believed, I topped them!

Not bad, eh?

And, just to let you know, the reviewers weren’t my relatives.

Machina, starts out with arab terrorists and a blow MUCH worse than 911.  Travels across the country and starts unraveling reality itself. And mankind…poor, poor mankind…he finds that he is…no longer himself.

Well, all I can do is tell you. Up to you whether you think I hasve successfully unhinged reality, or whether my own reality is…unhinged.

Have a great read!


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