The Assassin

Assassins and Heroes

War between two ancient religions on the Ethereal Plane

Part two ~ Assassin

assassin covVentana Porficio is the army of Wudan. He uses the power of the Ethereal Plane, and has done so for a thousand years; he cannot get sick, he cannot die, he cannot be beaten.

Then the unbelievable happens. Assassins actually start coming after him! Nobody in their right mind would EVER consider seeking out the Wudan Assassin.

Then something even MORE unbelievable happens.

Sheila D’Besoin shows up, and she has had a dream… 

Where this book came from…

Over the years I have seen people perform miracles in the martial arts; people who can do things that cannot be explained.

I really just wanted to explore the potentials of these people, of chi power in the martial arts.

I wanted to show where people who have developed themselves through the martial arts can really go.

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