Assassins and Heroes

War between two ancient religions on the Ethereal Plane

Part one ~ Hero

hero cov

Gene Sisco, a tough guy just trying to get by. Suddenly he finds himself thrown into a war between two ancient religions. 

Gene is about to find out what it means to be more than tough.

Gene is about to find out about the Ethereal Plane.


Where this book came from…


I mean that in the purest sense.

Sometimes I dream about things, and they become books. Sometimes I have a plan, but once I start writing there are no plans, there is just me, the typewriter, and a vast encompassment by a world other than this one.

And, you may recall, or have come across the fact, that I do the martial arts. Started in 1967, can’t stop, monkey on my back.

In the martial arts there is this ‘chi’ energy thing that nobody understands.

I understand it. On one of my sites you can see me putting out a candle from a couple of feet away. I just flick my fingers, poof.

So how do I do it?

Too far away for it to be air. No hidden mirrors, or tanks of compressed air off the sidelines.

So how?

I use my body like a generator, I generate chi power, and I flick it at the candle.

Flick it.

It is the energy that puts out the candle.

And I have written a book detailing EXACTLY how I do it.

But the point is this: there is an energy, not understood by western science, and this energy can be generated and used. 

Now slide over a bit: one of my favorite books is a six volume series called ‘The Lensman Series.’ 

This series describes mental powers beyond belief, takes the reader on a saga of what it takes to control the levels of mental power available to a disciplined man.

So I put the theories of The Lensman Series together with what I had learned about Chi.

In the Lensman Series the author describes ‘The Ether.’

Ether is an interesting term, I suggest you look it up.

It can be used to describe space, or, more properly, the material that space is built upon.

So what if somebody could tap into the Ether, or ‘The Ethereal Plane,’ as I refer to it.

This concept is at the heart of the Assassin and Hero series.

In Hero the main character learns some of the things that can be done on the Ethereal Plane. And it is important to read that book first, because if you don’t, you won’t understand, except in the most superficial sense, what the Assassin can do.

So there you go, get ready for a series of books that go where mankind will go in a zillion years, when his mind and spirit are fully developed, and people can actually tap into their more God-like abilities.

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