Are you a Corporate Reader? Uh…Sleeper?

Are You a Victim of Corporate Books?

You know the kind I mean…the detective is a rogue, drives a nifty car, and has affairs with women in each case.

Sort of like the Hardy Boys, but with the sex and drugs.

People love these books, they are real McDonalds.

51NJ1UU0lCL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_An editor has gone through to make sure that nothing offends, everything titillates, and everything is…the same.

Believe me, you know a corporate book because you know what is going to happen in the end after just a page or two.

No left turns, everything goes the right way…like a bedtime story that lulls a reader to sleep. is not a corporate book. It is  site where you never know where the story is going. Beginning to end, you are going places that you don’t know.

Sometimes this scares people, and they should go back to their lullaby corporate reading. They are not ready to wake up and have a real adventure. They just want something to go to sleep by while they work their boring jobs and wish they were elsewhere.

Then there are the people who read Al Case books.

Gutsy. Determined. Adventurous. Won’t settle for the written adventure when they could have the real thing.

Smart. Tenacious. Know when people are full of…stuff.

So, are you a corporate reader? Going to sleep reading a corporate book?

Or are you a real person?

Pop over to Pick up a book and find out.

If you like it, you are the real deal. If you don’t like it, thenyou aren’t real, and you really need to get out of there and go back to your corporate inspired sleep.

Good night.

Suggested reading for the person wishing to wake up…The Haunting of House!

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